The LIFE+ Traisen project is finished!

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The Traisen is one of the largest rivers in Lower Austria. During the construction of the Danube power plant of Altenwörth, the length of the Traisen was extended by 7.5 km and, today, flows into the Danube downstream from the power plant. The river bed used to run straight and uniformly through the wetlands area between Traismauer and Zwentendorf.

Altenwoerth Power Plant

The river section offered little habitat for typical wetland flora and fauna and was not connected to the surrounding countryside and water bodies in the wetlands. Fish accessibility and traversability were obstructed and in places completely impossible.

Over the course of ten years, consideration was given to how the Traisen section and the wetlands could be improved from an ecological viewpoint. Starting in 2005, scientists and technicians studied the idea of creating a new River Traisen. The intention was that it be closely linked with the wetlands and offer diverse habitats, as well as restore fish accessibility.

During the course of a strict selection procedure involving 270 European environmental projects, the "Traisen project" was approved at the end of 2008 for an EU grant from "LIFE+". The construction work was completed in 2016.

LIFE+ Traisen Project Partners

Logos of the project partners

VERBUND has assumed the project management and a large part of the costs. The EU is supporting the project to a significant extent from the resources of the LIFE+ funding. The remaining costs are covered by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Resources; the Lower Austrian Fisheries Association; the Lower Austrian Landscape Conservation Fund; via donau; and the Lower Austrian Federal Water Engineering Association. Also participating are the companies with electricity procurement rights Energie AG, KELAG and VKW.

LIFE+ is an EU funding programme to support nature conservation projects in Natura 2000 areas. The Natura 2000 network of conservation areas is meant to help preserve the diversity of habitats and of animal and plant species in the wild all across Europe. The LIFE+ Traisen project is contributing significantly to improving the Natura 2000 area.