LIFE+ Traisen: From a straightened riverbed to a new wetlands habitat

Life Traisen - Austria’s largest land restoration project has transformed the lower reaches of the Traisen river near the Danube power plant in Altenwörth into a diverse floodplain landscape. A near-natural river course with a variety of bank areas was created completely from scratch. The ecological success amazes even the experts.

Aerial photograph of the river landscape Traisen in autumn

Project history

The Traisen is one of the largest rivers in Lower Austria. During construction of the Danube power plant Altenwörth in 1973-1976, the Traisen was lengthened by 7.5 km and nowadays empties into the Danube downstream of the power plant. The riverbed used to run in an even, straight line through the floodplain between Traismauer and Zwentendorf. Thanks to the LIFE+ Traisen project, the straightened section has been broken up. The mouth of the Traisen into the Danube has been completely recreated.
History of the new Traisen (english abstract)

Partners in the LIFE+ Traisen project

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