LIFE+ Traisen project: Objectives and results

The main objective of the LIFE+ Traisen project was to improve the habitat situation in the part of the European conservation area “Tullnerfelder Au” near the Danube.

Life+ Traisen: Project plan
Project area of the new Traisen.

Goals in Detail

  • The greatest possible protection of the existing precious natural environment in the wetland area.
  • No detrimental changes to the floodwater situation for local residents.
  • Establishment of a meandering river, which can further develop dynamically in future and provide new habitats in bodies of flowing water.
  • Creation of manifold structures in the water-to-land transition of the bank area of the new Traisen river.
  • Establishment of new bodies of standing water, enriching the wetlands through a variety of waterbodies.
  • Creation of a floodplain along the new course of the river with frequently flooded sites. Here, the site prerequisites are in existence for the development of the soft wetlands, especially those for the white willow wetlands.
  • Increasing the share of the typical wetland and river habitats, which today amount to just 6% of the surface in the entire Natura 2000 area.
  • Fish passable integration of the wetland area and individual bodies of water in the wetlands with the new Traisen river.
  • Continuous fish passability of the new Traisen river - sustainably promoting the fish fauna of the Danube, the Traisen river and the bodies of water in the wetlands as a result. At least 30 species of fish will benefit from this. Among these are 15 Annex II species found in the area.

Ground Water and Flooding Conditions

The flooding situation for settlement areas remains unchanged by the project.

Ground water conditions are only changed to a minor degree in the area close to the Traisen river. Ground water utilisation, such as wells, for instance, will not be affected.