View from above of the LIFE+ Traisen project in 2014. The construction site is clearly visible. In this section, the Traisen is already being transformed from a straight stream into a moving river.

Start of construction
LIFE+ Traisen: New Amazon

12 November 2013

Renaturation of the Traisen begins

Start of construction for Austria's largest renaturation project along the River Traisen. We visited the construction site in the floodplain near the Altenw├Ârth Danube power station. Over the next few years, a nine-kilometer-long, straightened section of the river will be transformed into a dynamic, diverse floodplain at great expense.

Excavators and trucks are busy in the "Mitte-West" construction section. On a specially paved construction road, separated from the Danube cycle path, they will bring gravel, humus and sediments from the floodplain or distribute them in the floodplain. Everything is being done according to a detailed plan, the aim of which is to create the basis for a new Traisen river. This section of the river will then be left to its own devices over the coming years from 2019. Floods will create new pools, meanders, landings and washouts. "An Amazon in miniature", as project manager Helmut Wimmer describes the project.

The gravel dredged for the new river course will be transported a short distance to the Danube and taken away from there by ship. Some of the gravel will be used to build new spawning grounds for Danube fish, while some will be returned to the Danube downstream of Vienna. There, the river is deepening from year to year and the gravel from the Traisen is urgently needed here.

In the "Mitte-West" construction section, excavators and trucks are laying the foundations for a new Traisen river.