LIFE+ Traisen project: Biological surveys in the wetland area

Comprehensive technical and biological surveys have been carried out in the wetland area of the new Traisen since 2014. Area evaluations and biological investigations were performed as a means to presenting the attainment of the objectives. The results showed that all objectives were reached and that the new Traisen was populated by animals and plants more quickly than assumed.

Amazing variety of fish in the Traisen

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Detected species

  • 12 species of bats e.g. Myotis alcathoe
  • 72 species of birds, 12 of which are listed in Annex I of the Birds Directive
  • Cucujus cinnaberinus beetle, stag beetle
  • Southern Festoon moth, Woodland Brown moth
  • 41 out of a total of 49 detected species of fish are domestic, 15 of which are protected by the Habitats Directive e.g. Danube salmon, bitterling
  • 10 species of amphibian, 9 of which are protected by the Habitats Directive
  • 22 species of locusts and mantises