Traisen LIFE+ project: Biological investigation in the floodplains area

In 2009, comprehensive biological investigations took place in the floodplain area. A number of plant and animal species from eight specific categories were examined for the surveys on the current status with regard to the environmental impact declaration. In the process it was revealed that the area is much more diverse than originally assumed, based on the data available.

Amazing variety of fish in the Traisen

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Detected species

  • 12 species of bats e.g. Myotis alcathoe
  • 72 species of birds, 12 of which are listed in Annex I of the Birds Directive
  • Cucujus cinnaberinus beetle, stag beetle
  • Southern Festoon moth, Woodland Brown moth
  • 41 out of a total of 49 detected species of fish are domestic, 15 of which are protected by the Habitats Directive e.g. Danube salmon, bitterling
  • 10 species of amphibian, 9 of which are protected by the Habitats Directive
  • 22 species of locusts and mantises

Late summer impressions of the Traisen

Biodiversity LIFE+ project Traisen